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Heyaxa Wireless WiFi Pool Thermometer

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Wireless WiFi Pool Thermometer with Easy-to-Read 4" Digital LCD Display, Perfect Water Thermometer for Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa, Aquarium, Ponds, and Baths

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[4.3” Large Color LCD & Brightness Controller] The wifi water thermometer has a 4.3” LCD color screen, which makes you easier to read display. The thermometer has four levels of brightness that can be adjusted (10%, 40%, 70%, 100%), so you can put it in your bedroom without worrying about affecting your sleeping.

 [High Accuracy & 24h APP Records ] Place the sensor outdoors, you can see the temperature and humidity inside and outside in real time on the same screen.You can view the data on APP anytime,It also can generate temperature and humidity curve.Temperature measurement ranges:Indoor:-9.9℃ to 50℃ or(14.2℉ to122℉) Outdoor: -40℃ to 70℃ or(-40℉ to 158℉).

 [IPX7 Waterproof & Multi-location Data ] This wireless thermometer is ideal for Fish Ponds, swimming pools, baby baths, spas, etc. Our temperature and humidity monitor up can be connected to 3 outdoor sensors(The package come with 1 sensor), so you can monitor the temperature and humidity in different environments, which is also a healthier option for your family.

[Two Power Modes] The pool thermometer has two power modes: battery and charging. When you use battery mode, the temperature and humidity monitor doesn't need to be connected to any wires, you can hang it on the wall or put it on the coffee table in your living room. In charging mode, you don't need to worry about outage and battery replacement.You can switch the power mode flexibly and easily.

[24h After-sales Service] If you have any questions about the wifi pool thermometer, contact us by email: hello@heyaxa.com. Please be assured that our customer service will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

  • Automatic calibration of network time service
  • Daily Alarm with snooze function
  • Maximum / Minimum indoor temperature and humidity record and query
  • Wireless remote monitoring of swimming pool temperature, up to 3 channels of data can be connected
  • Comfort level display of pool temperature
  • Connects directly to WIFI network, connect to Heyaxa Smart System
  • Display the maximum, minimum and real-time temperature of swimming pool temperature on the same screen
  • 1*weather station
  • 1*wireless outdoor sense
  • 1*DC harging line
  • 1*user manual

Heyaxa Wireless WiFi Pool Thermometer

4.3“ Color Large LCD

This WIFI water thermometer has a 4.3” LCD color screen, which makes you easier to read display.On the screen, you are greeted by a large, easy-to-read display that is crisp and clear with bold, crisp numbers that will show you the exact temperature of your pool. You don't have to squint or strain to determine the temperature like you would with a smaller monitor.

Automatic Curve Generation

APP automatically records and generates graphs to clearly see temperature trends and to check historical temperature and humidity data. This feature allows you to view a visual representation of your pool's temperature history, which can help you identify patterns and trends you may not have noticed. The curves are automatically updated in real-time, allowing you to keep abreast of the latest information.

Scorching Weather &Cold-Resistant

Cold and high temperature resistant. Operating temperature range: -40° C to 70° C or (-40° F to 158° F).The heat and cold resistant wireless WiFi pool thermometer can withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring accurate readings even in harsh weather conditions.No need to worry about the thermometer not working in winter and summer.

product  benefits 

Wirless Remote Senser



Alarm Clock

Max&Min Record

Temp Alert

Temp Alert

Features in Detail

Product Specification

Display TypeLCD
Dimensions LxWxH18*9.8*11.2CM
Power ModeDC 5V/Battery(2*LR6,1.5V)
Wireless Range60m/2362.21in(max)
Connect PhoneYes
Data Transmission Frequency433HZ
Moon PhaseNo


Hello, press "—" on the LCD screen to switch channels. After switching to CH3, press again, the cycle mark on the screen disappears, and the cycle ends.

Usually, the transmitter needs to be connected to the sensor, which can be switched synchronously through the C/F button of the sensor.
If you want to switch the temperature unit, please open the cover of the sensor, there is a unit switching button inside the cover.

Please check whether the main unit and the remote control are on the same channel.


You can try to resync the device:
After long pressing the CH/R button of the receiver and the TX button of the transmitter, it is necessary to take out the batteries of the receiver and the sensor, and then reinstall the batteries. Then press the TX button of the sensor, the transmitter will flash red to see if it can be paired.
If it doesn't work, short press the TX button for one second to transmit the signal manually, and try several times to see if it works.

Press the "-" button can switch the display of different channels of outdoor temperature, when displaying the reset icon, will display the channel every 5 seconds automatically switch a channel.

It is waterproof, please tighten the "O" ring to prevent water from entering during use.
In case water enters after it is not tightened, please wipe off the water in time to ensure that the product can be used safely next time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tim L
Lousy product

Bought the wi-fi unit and within a week the pool thermometer took on water and stopped working. This is a lousy product. I opened a chat with customer service and it said they would get back to me via email. That was 2 weeks ago. Terrible customer service and a terrible product

Lousy product. Don't Buy

Purchase thru Amazon in Nov 2023. Had this product for about month, stopped working. Issues ever since. Display on Transmitter went out to point that it is not legible to read numbers. Changed batteries several times and channels. The base unit displays low temps in F when water temp is 88 degrees, it shows when it displays 34, 18 -11 etc and we live in Clearwater Florida go figure.

Not Worth your money==2 failed sensors

I brought this thinking I was getting the best. Well I brought this back in April and the sensor worked fine for about 2 weeks then the batteries ran low so replaced the batteries and started receiving a LL.l error. Contacted support via email and a new sensor was sent to me. The new sensor worked fine for about the same time as the first sensor (2 weeks). Now receiving the same error as the first one. Guess these items are not worth it so don't buy.

Very frustrated, failed so fast.

I purchased the wifi floating pool thermometer in February and in March it has already failed. I tried to email customer support, but that email got returned. I have tried to reach out through social media, no luck there either. The LCD monitor for inside works fine, but the floating unit has already taken in water and ruined the item. I just want a replacement.

Kurt Fortin
Never received it

I ordered this thermometer. I still have not received it. I contacted customer service and haven't heard from them.